• We’ve all been in virtual meetings that are a bit awkward and tense. This is usually because the participants haven’t gotten off to the right start.
  • A solid set of virtual icebreaker questions provides attendees with the opportunity to feel a little less anxious and a bit more connected on a human level.
  • Use Mixtroz to have your attendees answer a few questions to segment them into groups, giving them the opportunity to create community and hold meaningful peer-to-peer discussion.

We have all been in a virtual meeting with awkward silences or a bit of tension. Most of the time, this comes from the people on the call either not knowing each other or not connecting before getting down to business. We have also all been in a meeting with difficult, bland, or far too personal icebreaker questions.

But they don’t have to be! Instead, they can provide an opportunity for people to feel a little less anxious and a little more connected.

A good set of icebreaker questions can be the perfect complement to a virtual team-building gathering or networking event. They can be fun and simple, while also encouraging attendees to give honest answers. And when they do, it allows them to develop real connections. 

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If you’re an event planner, you are in luck! We encourage you to save this list of virtual icebreaker questions to limit planning on your end. They balance thoughtful insights with funny answers, ultimately crafting a more connected gathering. 

Virtual Icebreaker Questions for Network Mixer Events

In 2020, the virtual event space exploded, and it’s expected to continue growing in the coming years. As we move into more virtual spaces, we need to find ways to keep the “human” in our human interactions. How do we do that? By finding ways to connect, relate, and learn from one another. 

With that, here are ten virtual icebreaker questions to get your attendees connecting during your next network mixer event:

1. What’s your favorite thing about virtual events and virtual work?

Although there has been much success with remote work and virtual events, this question allows attendees to express the personal benefits of virtual work environments. 

Maybe remote work gave them more time to develop skills or take up a hobby. Or maybe they got back their commute time, giving them more to spend with their kids. This question provides opportunities for attendees to find similarities in their answers. 

2. Where do you work most frequently at home? 

A home office? The kitchen table? The backyard? Or perhaps they skip home and head over to their local coffee shop! Many freedoms have been granted to those working remotely, including a more comfortable way of working. This is a fun opportunity to share some of the more unusual places to work.

3. What do you like to do around the house to take a breather from work?

This question allows attendees to share ways they get balanced throughout the day. Working from home isn’t preferable for everyone, but if it’s necessary, this can give them some options for striking a good work-life balance. 

4. What does your morning routine look like when working from home?

This one is related to the last question and gives attendees the chance to share how they get motivated first thing in the morning. Do they get a workout in? Chat with their significant other or spouse over coffee? Take the dog for a walk? It might help someone who is struggling to stay motivated!

5. How do you stay productive and motivated working virtually?

Like the last question, sharing ways to stay motivated could reveal new opportunities and perspectives on staying productive from home. Some enjoy a midday walk, whereas others enjoy doing a few chores to avoid burnout. Everyone’s workday looks different!  

6. What are your favorite memories of remotely connecting with friends and coworkers? 

Many tech innovations have been made in the last few years, allowing for some stellar virtual experiences. Give attendees a chance to share moments that made them feel connected to those closest to them, even when they were miles apart.

7. What are some personal skills you’ve been working on?

One of the greatest benefits of remote work is the reclaimed commute time. What are some ways they have taken advantage of this extra time? Any new hobbies or professional skills? New volunteer opportunities?

8. What’s your favorite way to exercise?

Staying active provides many benefits for our physical and mental health. Some might enjoy a daily walk, whereas others might like to go for a jog to start or end their day. Others might have jumped on the CrossFit craze of the last few years. 

9. Be honest, how often do you work from bed?

Virtual icebreaker questions don’t always need to have “productive” answers. Give your attendees an opportunity for lightheartedness. Plus, this one is likely to be a bit more “human.” Who doesn’t like working from bed from time to time?

10. Where’s your next trip?

Who isn’t itching for a trip these days? Traveling is one of the most popular hobbies in the country. Sharing details about planned or hoped-for trips might spark an interest in others or an opportunity to get information from those who have already visited. 

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