• Bring colleagues together this holiday season, even remotely!
  • Holiday event ideas that will build connections
  • Make memories to bring into the new year

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to start putting together a list of holiday corporate event ideas that will be tree-mendous. 

After so much time away from friends and colleagues, companies are searching for ways for their employees to meet, connect, and build lasting relationships. Holiday parties contribute to the sense of belonging that increases employee satisfaction and retention, so it’s essential to plan a great one. 

Whether your company is hybrid, in-office, or fully remote, plan a holiday event that will be loved and enjoyed by all of your employees. Hold on for deer life! Here are five fun corporate event ideas for the holidays.

1. Keep Spirits Bright with Cocktails, Mocktails, and Mingling

It’s the most wine-derful time of the year! Start your in-person holiday party off with some holiday cheer in the form of cocktails or mocktails. Add in a few appetizers and finger food, and your guests will be mingling and chatting away. 

If your employees are new or haven’t interacted outside of work tasks, consider using holiday icebreaker questions in the Mixtroz platform. You will also find conversation starters, virtual name tags, and other ways to help participants interact.

2. Make Memories You Can Hold On To

Everyone loves a good photo booth. And when you toss a backdrop, props, and a polaroid camera into the equation, it gets even better. 

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Encourage teams, departments, close friends, and new acquaintances to take photos together. The benefits? 

  • Guests get to keep the photos as personal mementos to remember the fun they had that night. 
  • Attendees can take photos of the polaroids, upload them to social media, and include a hashtag, so prospects and clients can learn more about workplace culture. 

Don’t miss out—yule be sorry! 

3. Give the Gift of Giving

The holidays are certainly a time of getting, but they are a season for giving too. Consider donating gifts to a local charity or putting together a gift exchange, such as Secret Santa or White Elephant. (Tip: Just don’t pull a Michael Scott and change the game at the last minute). 

Secret Santa

If you’re looking for a fairly straightforward yet cheery game of giving and getting, look no further than Secret Santa. Set a dollar limit, then assign participants a name to buy a gift for. You can use the Mixtroz platform to set up the event.

White Elephant 

For White Elephant, guests bring gifts to exchange with no one in particular. Guests draw numbers to select a gift from the pile. When it’s their turn, they can choose to keep their gift or pass it on to the next person. Keep in mind that this gift exchange works best for an informal event with close colleagues. 

Charity Donations

For a charity donation, your company can choose to partner with a local non-profit in need of holiday gift donations. At the holiday party, attendees can bring gifts or monetary donations for the charity. 

4. Test Your Knowledge of Holiday-Themed Trivia

For this fun holiday-themed game, break participants into large or small groups. For each round, have each group answer a question about the holidays, such as:

  • Who wrote “The Little Drummer Boy”?
  • Who starred in the classic film, It’s a Wonderful Life?
  • Who wrote the classic Christmas tale, A Christmas Carol?

(Remember, no smartphones!)

To add even more holiday spirit to the game, use holiday-themed buzzers that respond with famous holiday tunes. 

Winners will receive a gift card or special holiday gift, as well as congratulations from their peers with a round of Santa-pplause. 

5. Move the Party Online

For remote companies—or companies staying remote for a while longer—a virtual corporate holiday party can be just as fun as a live event. In fact, they might be preferred by some employees. After all, home is where the snuggle is real. 

We have all experienced the limits of video conferencing. Most platforms only let one person talk at a time, so it might be tough to replicate a casual, open-ended event. 

Instead, consider the party suggestions that we’ve listed above. Many fun events can be held in a virtual setting, such as:

  • A pet costume contest.
  • A few rounds of holiday-themed bingo and trivia.
  • A cocktail or mocktail-making class so colleagues can mistle-toast to the season.

At the end of the event, get participants’ feedback using the Mixtroz platform.

Time to Spruce Up Your Holiday Party with Mixtroz

‘Tis the season to kick back, relax, and connect with your coworkers as you ring in the holidays. Mixtroz provides fun corporate event ideas and themes that will provide warm memories for years to come. Schedule a free demo today!

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