• Learn how to build the best guest list for a successful networking event
  • Plan activities that are sure to get your attendees moving and connecting 
  • Prompt participants to fill out a survey at the event’s close so you can get honest feedback ahead of your next big event 

Traditional corporate events can be a truly frightening sight. At Mixtroz, we know the feeling all too well: awkward interactions, picked-over platters, and eye-rolling icebreakers. The final nail in the coffin? A lengthy event survey that is bound to get buried in each recipient’s inbox. 

The good news? Your next event doesn’t have to feel like a corporate house of horrors. We’ve compiled a list of mixer must-haves so you can make your next event the best one yet. Offer your guests captivating conversation starters, create a lineup of speakers that are sure to delight, and send out a survey at the end of the night for timely feedback from each of your attendees. Take a look at these five simple steps for planning a business networking event that’s sure to be a killer success. 

1. Gather Guests for a Ghoulishly Good Time

You want all of the chatter without the spooky silences. We are here to help you make that happen! The first step in planning killer corporate events is pulling together the right guests. 

According to Bizzabo’s 2020 Event Marketing Report, which surveyed nearly 500 mid- to senior-level marketers, 95 percent of respondents believe in-person events can have a major impact on business goals. In the same survey, 85 percent of respondents in leadership roles identified live events as critical to their company’s success. 

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There’s no doubt that in-person networking provides a variety of avenues for personal growth and professional development. The trick is driving registration and estimating turnout. Guests want to know that attending corporate events is worth their time and energy. Hosts can get the ball rolling weeks and months ahead of schedule by offering free and paid ticket options, getting the word out on social media, creating an enticing lineup of speakers, and providing free food and drinks. 

2. Concoct the Very Best Conversation Starters

We all know the dreaded feeling of dry conversation. When nerves are high, guests struggle to build meaningful working connections. Some of your guests may be seasoned pros, but others are likely new to the networking experience. Walking into a room full of strangers can send a shiver up anyone’s spine, so encourage your guests to mix and mingle with conversation starters to break the ice. 

Keep the conversation light with get-to-know-you questions anyone can answer without looking like they’ve just seen a ghost. Make a point of suggesting both personal and professional conversation starters so that guests walk away feeling like they’ve made true, human-to-human connections. 

Then, get everyone moving with energetic ice breakers sure to start conversations. Check out some of our go-to icebreaker ideas, or put a spooky spin on things with Halloween-themed trivia, Taboo, and Pictionary activities all of your guests will love. 

As a bonus, Mixtroz helps you register guests ahead of time so they receive virtual nametags on the day of the event and can get to mixing without the madness. 

3. Choose from Spooktacular Speakers

Create cool networking events with eerie-sistible lineups of speakers to match the mood of your event. Attendees come for the networking and stay for the presentations—but only if those speakers truly grab the attention of your average event participant.

Choose from industry experts, revered thought leaders, and even celebrity guests that can keep the energy high and deliver critical thought leadership on demand. Build excitement in the weeks leading up to your event to boost registration numbers and garner attention on social media and among colleagues. 

Add entertainers, musicians, and magicians to the roster to keep engagement high. Then, poll guests at the end of the night using the Mixtroz platform to rate their favorite speakers and performances. 

4. Treat Your Guests to Food and Drink

There’s nothing more frightful than a room full of ravenous networking attendees ready to bite. Treat your guests to festive food and drink to keep the conversation flowing. Prepare simple appetizers that make it easy for guests to snack and chat without the added mess. Also, keep the theme going with some Halloween treats to delight all of your guests. 

The real trick: make sure you have plenty of concessions to go around. As a host, there’s no panic quite like realizing you’re running low on snacks or drinks only an hour or so into the event. To ensure you and your guests have the best experience, round up based on registration numbers and have backup catering options ready to go, just in case turnout is greater than expected.

5. Don’t Ghost Your Guests After the Big Event

As the night wraps up, don’t miss out on an opportunity to gain valuable feedback from your guests. Hosts will from doors open to doors closed, but forget to promptly follow up with guests about what went well and what could be improved.

Mixtroz allows hosts to poll participants as the event unfolds. Even the best-intentioned guests who receive a feedback survey in their inbox will forget to respond or lose it in the shuffle of their busy nine-to-five. Instead, grab participants’ attention while their minds are still focused on the event. Prompt guests with polls to gain valuable insights into activities, speakers, and opportunities to network. Before the event ends, gather contact information so you don’t make a ghoul of yourself by ghosting your guests. 

Want to host cool networking events and ensure your guests have a hauntingly good time? Mixtroz takes care of all the mixing, so networking doesn’t have to feel like work at all. To learn more about hiring Mixtroz for your next holiday event, request a demo.

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