• Corporate events do not need to be stale and boring
  • Event planners are flexing their creative muscles and creating innovative, engaging events
  • An engaging event can have a positive impact on the way employees feel about the work they do

We have all seen pictures of brightly colored offices with open floor plans, foosball tables, and endless snack buffets. But companies have learned—especially over the past year and a half—that in-office perks aren’t everything. They’ve also learned that hybrid models and remote work, which were once defining perks, are no longer unique to their company. 

To stand out as an employer, it’s important to routinely evaluate how you can provide unique opportunities to keep employees happy and engaged. Sometimes, you don’t need to think outside the box but instead reinvent what goes on inside. 

One way to do this is by rethinking corporate events. Rather than being stiff or boring, they can be opportunities for event planners to flex their creative muscles to throw more fun, exciting, and innovative events, and we are here to help. We can help you foster meaningful connections that lead to higher retention rates and happier employees

In this post, we break down the top five ways corporate events can change the way employees feel about their work.

Define Company Culture

Employees want to feel part of a team, even if they are spread across the country or around the world, or working in a remote or hybrid environment. Corporate events are a way to break up the workweek, get employees on the same page, and establish a positive company culture. 

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When employees feel connected and aligned with a company’s values, they are more likely to stay with that company for a longer time. Although company values are featured in day-to-day activities, they can be solidified at corporate events. If your values include dependability, efficiency, creativity, or collaboration, why not show those off at a corporate event instead of simply slapping them onto a poster or new job posting? 

Employee appreciation and recognition are other essential aspects of establishing a strong company culture. Some events, such as award ceremonies, help employees feel valued. Everyone wants to know that their work matters and makes a difference in their company’s larger vision. 

Promote Team-Building Efforts

Companies often assume that collaboration and team building must be confined to the four walls of a conference room. But sometimes, employees need to step out of their typical work environment to build a deeper rapport with colleagues. 

Corporate events are a great opportunity for employees to build those meaningful relationships through peer-to-peer connection in small-group and one-on-one interactions. As employees begin to build trust with one another, they can learn new ways to relate. These connections break down barriers and improve communication in the workplace. 

Not only do employees have the opportunity to connect with peers at these types of events, but they can also rub shoulders with other departments to learn more about future career prospects and foster the relationships necessary to get there. 

Jump-Start Creativity and Inclusivity

Sometimes your best ideas come as you’re walking down the street, picking your kids up from school, or waiting in the grocery store line. Creativity isn’t limited to an office setting. In fact, companies should offer their employees more opportunities for brainstorming and collaboration outside of the office.  

At an engaging corporate event, that’s exactly what happens. A great event gives employees from all departments, professional backgrounds, and personal identities a way to mix that may not happen naturally in a work setting. The best mixers use platforms like Mixtroz to encourage participants to break out of their comfort zones and forge new relationships outside of their office besties. 

Boost Employee Morale

When schedules get busy and the workload piles on, the stress can seep into employees’ motivation levels and a company’s culture at large. Dynamic corporate events are a great way to give employees the chance to recharge and regroup

Beyond a break from workloads and deadlines, these events also keep employees grounded when it comes to personal, professional, and company goals. How can employees forge new relationships across departments? What are some new ways they can recognize individual and team accomplishments? It’s food for thought for your employees as they mingle at the next corporate event. 

Attract New Candidates

Employee engagement and retention lead to higher levels of productivity. Engagement also means employees will be excited to promote your company to their professional network, helping attract new talent to the awesome culture you have worked so hard to build. 

The saying may very well be true: Employees don’t leave companies—they leave managers. If you prioritize the relationships between employees—specifically between managers and their direct reports—you set your company up for success in the long run. And in the face of concerns about “the great resignation,” creating a positive company culture, encouraging great working relationships, and providing benefits to match are surefire ways to retain employees and attract new hires. 

Start Mixing Today

Ready to get your teams mixing at your next event? We have seen the benefits of happier and more engaged employees firsthand, and we’re excited to help you and your company see the same results. 

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