• Worrying about whether or not an event is going to be fun, interesting, and meaningful is real.
  • That’s why we put together a checklist that helps you define the purpose of the event, create an immersive experience, ensure attendees have a takeaway point, and allow for plenty of time to socialize. 
  • Mixtroz is your go-to platform that provides event planners with real-time data on the experience of the attendees so that they can interact more authentically.

Every event planner in the history of events has probably been troubled by a question along the lines of: “Will my event be fun, interesting, and meaningful?”

Many of the best corporate events ended up being stellar because the event planners were able to answer these questions:

  • What is the purpose of my event?
  • How will I make this an immersive experience?
  • What will the attendees learn?
  • Will attendees have time to interact with one another?

Not sure how to answer these questions? Not to worry. This blog post provides the answers while offering up some fun corporate event ideas. You can even use it as a checklist as you plan your next event!

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Define the Purpose of the Gathering

Think about the best corporate event you’ve been to. Most likely, you knew why it was happening. Maybe it was a day of in-person training sessions that were directly related to initiatives outlined in a recent quarterly business review. Or maybe it was the annual holiday get-together.

Whether it’s to support ongoing education or provide an opportunity for coworkers to socialize outside of work, when your gathering has a clear objective, people are more likely to attend and enjoy themselves. 

Plus, it makes it way easier to plan. By defining the purpose early in the planning process, you give yourself enough time to coordinate and make adjustments, such as selecting the required venue, deciding whether catering is needed, and more.

Create an Immersive Experience  

Even if your event is fairly loose in terms of programming, such as a holiday party where most attendees want to socialize and have a good time, make sure the venue space is decorated and activities are available:

  • Keep it light with a dance floor or a karaoke stage.
  • Offer up an exciting scavenger hunt for interested parties. 
  • Provide opportunities for corporate team building.

Creating an immersive experience requires engagement with one another. If you’re putting together a networking event or a happy hour, consider using Mixtroz’s platform to allow attendees to quickly fill out their information and gather into groups of similar (or diverse) people. That way, attendees aren’t just huddling up with people they already know.

Leave Your Attendees with a Takeaway

You might think that takeaway points are only for training sessions or networking events. But when you think about it, even less formal events can have a clear takeaway message. 

For example, a planned happy hour can help employees understand the value of getting to know each other outside of work.

Want to make it even easier to receive feedback and see if your attendees are on the same page? Using Mixtroz, you can collect data in real time before, during, and after the event, letting you in on the experience. 

Make Time for Socializing 

There’s plenty of science supporting the benefits of peer-to-peer engagement and plenty more showing that isolation has its consequences on both mental and physical wellness.

More important than almost anything else about an event, socializing and networking make for memorable experiences. You should always give attendees the chance to make new friends, advance their careers, or learn something new. 

Get Connected with Mixtroz 

At events both big and small, it’s easy for attendees to drift toward the people they already know. We both know that it’s important for them to meet new people to create a more connected corporate culture. 

To help with this, use Mixtroz! Mixtroz is a platform that collects real-time data from attendees so that every human interaction is an opportunity for meaningful connection.

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