Enterprise corporations are conducting events every day.

But this term “event” is misleading. It has the connotation of a party: people decked out in their finest garb, sipping cocktails and networking over nachos and a taco bar.

The truth is, every department within an enterprise will probably engage in some kind of event many times a year, in every single department. But they’ll probably never call it an event.

So what do these different types of events look like, and what is needed to make them as successful as possible?

The different types of “events” enterprise organizations conduct

What constitutes an event for an enterprise organization? If you think about it, any gathering in your organization of 50 or more can be considered an “event,” although you certainly don’t refer to it that way. We think of an “event” as a business meeting, which is really an act of coming together face to face: an assembly of employees conducting or transacting some type of business matter.

An enterprise company “event” can be thought of as:

  • Staff meetings
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Production overviews
  • Townhall meetings
  • Internal presentations
  • Staff mixers
  • Creative sessions
  • HR gatherings
  • Cadence meetings
  • Team progress check-ins
  • Post-project analysis meetings
  • Planning meetings
  • Problem-solving gatherings
  • Internal workshops

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The goal of an effectively run meeting

So whenever 50 or more get together for a meeting or a gathering, it is important to be time-efficient, and have a well-planned agenda. 50 or more people in a meeting can lead to a lot of side conversations if you’re not careful! 

And if you want side-conversations to take place, such as breakout groups that can brainstorm different solutions, multiple types of analysis, or different planning ideas, using a tool like Mixtroz can help you break your team up into meaningful groups, using criteria that you set to make the best types of groupings depending on the outcome you want. 

The value of breakout sessions in the middle of a meeting

Breakout sessions are periods of time where meeting attendees are put into smaller groups to do further brainstorming then come back together with the entire group to share findings. They serve as an opportunity for all program attendees to participate more actively, which often doesn’t happen in a meeting with over 50 employees. A lot of employees just feel more comfortable contributing ideas and suggestions in a smaller group, which leads to pulling out more ideas and thoughts that will benefit the purpose of the meeting.

The trick with a breakout session is to have a very clear outcome of the small groups. Without clear directions for what the breakout groups are supposed to accomplish, you can run into rambling conversations and off-topic rabbit holes. You want the groups to be able to come back to the larger meeting with thoughts, ideas, and resolutions to the problems or products you are looking to address.

When every employee gets a chance to contribute to the meeting in a meaningful way, it increases the valuable engagement the employee feels to their team or their company. Large meetings can be chaotic and frustrating – especially when they’re more than an hour – without a clear agenda and some advanced planning by the meeting organizer. Asking questions of your attendees through the Mixtroz app and placing the employees in thoughtful employee groupings designed by your criteria, you’ll split up long meetings in a productive way and ensure that robust conversations are taking place, and effective solutions are being offered at the end.

About Mixtroz

Mixtroz is an event planning software that engages and improves meetings and events for employees while collecting data for meeting hosts.  Employees download the Mixtroz app and complete a virtual name tag and survey customized by the meeting or event organizer. At a predetermined time, the app simultaneously matches attendees and guides them to an intelligently automated match of people for a curated group connection experience in real-time! At the completion of the session, the organizer gains the visualized survey data collected from the interactions which can be used to drive future revenue-generating cost-cutting measures all throughout your organization. Mixtroz can be up and running at your meeting event instantaneously. So, to get started working less and innovating more, contact us today!