Human Resource professionals and corporate event planners have their work cut out for them when it comes to planning events like:

  • New employee orientation, 
  • Corporate team building activities, 
  • Team communication, and 
  • Work-related social event ideas. 

There are so many improvements you want to make to these events, and so little time in the day you can devote to the event planning process. 

And specifically for new employee orientation, you’re likely still splitting up your new employees into random groupings for “get to know you” sessions and ice-breaker events.  Your goal is to have this new class of employees bond with one another, so they go into their new jobs with a core group of coworkers they already know and trust. 

But if you are still splitting up your employees into random groups for these ice-breaker breakout sessions (by alphabetical order or randomly selecting 5 employees per group, for example) you’re missing out on the opportunity to develop meaningful pairings of employees that will mix with each other better than any other method you’ve probably tried.

Now imagine doing fewer tasks for each corporate event and getting greater results. And imagine being able to thoughtfully and logically place these employees into groups guided by a set of criteria that you generate.

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And finally, imagine that you can gather valuable information about their backgrounds, interests, and career aspirations to best direct their engagement throughout your orientation process.  

In order to accomplish all of this and more, you might consider Mixtroz, a simple app-based tool that employees download for easy, effective, and efficient participation throughout your new employee orientation process. The backend software allows you to easily design questions and polls that guide employees throughout your orientation with purpose and maximum networking opportunities. 

Below we’ll talk about how you can achieve success with your corporate events in two primary ways: 

  • Help your new employees better understand your corporate mission, and
  • Effortless track new employee behavior

Improve the effectiveness of your corporate event planning with Mixtroz

Mixtroz event planning software, developed by the entrepreneurial mother-daughter team Ashlee Ammons and Kerry Schrader, was created specifically for you to increase engagement and collect data in real-time at your enterprise-level corporate events (e.g. any event that involves an organization with 500 or more employees.)  Mixtroz was designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use backend program for you, and a simple event planning app for employees to engage with.  

It provides you with an opportunity to revolutionize the way your company views the value of corporate event planning and team communication in a way that will make top executives sit up and take note.

Help your new employees understand your corporate mission 

The Society for Human Resource Management tells us that up to 20 percent of turnover takes place in the first 45 days.  Ensuring that your new employee orientation is jam-packed with opportunities for your employees to get to know each other and your company in a really intimate way means they will experience a stronger sense of community early on in their career with your company.

Repurpose behavior data for effortless employee tracking

The questions you pose during your corporate events are designed to assist you in grouping together different mixes of employees for maximum bonding and networking. However, did you know that this data you’re gathering provides real value to your organization later down the road?

Here are some examples of how you might utilize this valuable employee data in many different ways by many different departments, long after your corporate event is over:

  • Mixtroz allows you to ask questions about career aspirations, which provides other teams and departments a virtual pipeline of potential new team members they can promote to their area over time.
  • Mixtroz showcases discrepancies in employee understanding of corporate initiatives. With Mixtroz, you have data that can be taken to the project owner, who might need to do some retraining on the initiative, which ensures you and your employees are on the same page. 
  • Mixtroz allows you to gather personal information about employees, which gives you invaluable insight into what motivates that employee, allowing them to create goals and rewards that are way more specific and actionable. 

Leverage effective technology for meaningful employee onboarding 

Place your new employees into more meaningful mixers.  Ask lots of thought-provoking new employee questions and provide more relevant ice-breakers. And revel at the detailed, first-party data that you collected – that for the first time, you didn’t have to calculate by hand.  

A tool like Mixtroz is the smart way to use technology to increase new employee engagement and collect data in real-time, ensuring that your new employee orientation event results in happier employees and a better long-term retention rate.

About Mixtroz

Mixtroz is event planning software that engages and improves events for attendees while collecting data for our event hosts – a 360-degree ROI. Users download the app, complete a virtual name tag and survey customized by the organizer. At a predetermined time, the app simultaneously matches attendees and guides them to an intelligently automated match of people for a curated group connection experience IN REAL TIME! At the completion of the mix, the organizer gains the visualized survey data collected from the interactions which can be used to drive future marketing and programming decisions. Mixtroz can be up and running at your company in no time at all. So, to get started working less and innovating more, contact us today!