In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual game nights and Zoom happy hours brought us all together. Over the past year, Americans across the country have reaffirmed what we’ve always known to be true: human connection is essential to our happiness.

As psychologist Susan Pinker points out, peer-to-peer connections don’t just feel good—they are also vital to our physical and emotional well-being. We must build meaningful relationships to feel motivated and supported in our personal and professional lives.

The trick is finding the right tool to foster those deeper connections. Mixtroz has perfected the art of gathering by capturing the serendipity of authentic interactions wherever they occur: at work, school, a special event, or even online. Saying ‘hello’ has never been easier. 

Redefine What It Means to Network

If you’ve glanced at your calendar only to wince about an upcoming networking event, we’re right there with you. We know all too well the feeling of walking into a room full of strangers, with keynote presentations that are almost as dry as the picked-over veggie platters. And don’t get us started on the aimless mingling that feels more like an awkward middle school dance than an opportunity to build your professional network. As a study at Columbia University revealed, people gravitate toward people who look like them or come from the same background, anyway. 

We know the feeling firsthand. That’s why we built something better. Mixtroz levels the playing field so that every attendee has the same chance at making meaningful connections. 

Small group conversations mean guests get to know each other on a deeper level from the get-go. Conversion doesn’t have to be stiff or dry, either. Event hosts choose questions and create groups based on the makeup of their attendees. Attendees can then view each other’s responses to fuel conversation. It’s networking made simple. 

Mixtroz connects humans. It’s that simple. Schedule a demo to see how >>

Make Every Connection a Human-to-Human Connection

Research tells us that it only takes an average of seven seconds to make a great first impression. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. With Mixtroz, hosts can run virtual mixes ahead of a live event, so they have a chance to make two great impressions: once online, and then again in person. At the live event, attendees can ditch their overused conversation starters at the door and instead opt for human-to-human connection based on the information they gather during the virtual mixer. 

Just like any other project you jump into, do your research ahead of time. Kriselle Laran of Zeno Group suggests that before meeting someone to network, you should research their background. Search other attendees’ LinkedIn accounts or digital portfolios so you never have to feel like you’re walking into a room of strangers again.  

Network Without Working So Hard

At its core, Mixtroz works the way its users work so that every peer-to-peer connection flows seamlessly. Configurable settings allow hosts to integrate the Mixtroz platform into live, virtual, or hybrid events. Hosts can customize questions based on the demographics of participants and the organization itself to suit any situation, whether it be a college orientation or an industry networking event. 

Once hosts have crafted and uploaded their questions to the platform, setup is easy. As soon as guests arrive at a live event, they launch the app. Next, they create a virtual nametag and take a selfie. Then, the platform will prompt guests to answer a few questions about themselves. The entire process takes less than 2.5 minutes. Less time for setup, more time to mix. 

Capture Real-Time, Actionable Data 

Gathering data after each event shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. The average response rate of traditional surveys is 33 percent. This means that the data collected is often skewed, and the center of the bell curve is not accurately represented. You’ll hear from those who loved your event and those who hated it, without a true sense of those who fell somewhere in between and perhaps had constructive criticism.

Mixtroz captures data in real time so you can gather critical information about how your guests feel before they head for the exit. Hosts begin to collect data as soon as participants submit responses and can view the dashboard to compare individual and group data. 

We know that human interaction propels creativity and collaboration. For most of us, it’s getting started that gets us stuck. Mixtroz makes the art of gathering easy so that every peer-to-peer connection counts. Schedule a demo to get started.

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