Glenda Thomas, Supplier Diversity Manager with Southern Company (the parent company to Alabama Power), is responsible for managing key supplier diversity initiatives and leading teams across Alabama Power, Georgia Power, and Mississippi Power. She was responsible for a supplier conference recently, and her desired outcome was to engage her diverse crowd of professionals from all different sectors. She wanted discussions on how similar they all were and for these professionals to begin valuing each others’ strengths and power in doing business with each other.

Where Mixtroz Comes In: Creating a natural flow of communication

Thanks to Mixtroz event planning software, the members of the diverse crowd at Glenda’s event were able to discover all that they had in common, and communication was made easy by the Mixtroz platform. Glenda took full advantage of the icebreaker question portion of Mixtroz, using a few preset questions but developing a lot of her own to fit her exact agenda.  Says Glenda, “We had great directed conversations curated by Mixtroz! Using this technology platform, we achieved lots of participant engagement and laughter. The natural flow of communication – that was the highlight of using Mixtroz for our event.”

Mixtroz: Facilitating new relationships

Glenda shares that at her vendor diversity event, people were highly engaged, and those conversations produced fruitful results to strengthen business relationships. “Mixtroz also facilitated brand-new relationships without the pain of nervousness, shyness, and the general tension that comes with traditional networking and breakout sessions” continued Glenda. “You know the gaps in conversations that tend to happen with introverts and extroverts? Mixtroz helped smooth those over with icebreaker questions that had people talking about serious and fun topics at the same time. It was therefore easy for each personality type to feel like they had something meaningful to contribute to the conversation.”  

About Mixtroz

Mixtroz is event planning software that engages and improves events for attendees while collecting data for event hosts.  Attendees download the app and complete a virtual name tag and survey customized by the organizer. At a predetermined time, the app simultaneously matches attendees and guides them to an intelligently automated match of people for a curated group connection experience in real-time! At the completion of the “mix,” the organizer gains the visualized survey data collected from the interactions which can be used to drive future revenue-generating cost-cutting measures all throughout your organization. Mixtroz can be up and running at your organization instantaneously. So, to get started working less and innovating more, contact us today.