Human resource departments for large companies (over 500 employees) are increasingly feeling the time and effort crunch associated with new employee orientation, corporate team building activities, and team communication.  I’m sure you are aware that 91% of first-year workers stay at companies who have a great onboarding process.  So you’re probably working diligently to continuously improve your onboarding process as a result.

You might be starting the process with pre-onboarding activities before the employee even starts their first day.  New employees need to not only feel welcome but make connections with fellow new employees. We know that this will make them more likely to ask questions and seek out information – which is exactly what YOU want them to do!

For large companies, a strong new employee orientation program and exciting corporate team building activities are all about engagement, which directly impacts the companies’ profitability. When employees understand your corporate mission, they feel a sense of community and will call in sick less, be more productive, and become ambassadors of the positive corporate culture you work hard to maintain.   

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An onboarding study conducted by The Aberdeen Group,  found that large companies with robust onboarding programs had 62% of new employees meet their performance milestones on time.  Moreover, the number of those employees who were still with the company after their first year is a whopping 91%! Conversely, companies not investing heavily in new employee orientation only had 17% of their new employees meet their performance milestones on time, and approximately only ⅓ of them were still employed at the end of year one.

So what is your organization doing specifically to make sure your new employees feel BOTH welcomed and CONNECTED?  Well, a big part of this is the interaction they will have with other newbies in their first week of being employed by you.  

Enter Mixtroz – a simple event planning platform that employees download for easy, effective, and efficient participation. The backend of the software is for you to easily design experiences that effortlessly guide employees throughout their events.    

In this article, we will be talking about innovative new ways you can take your new employee orientation and other corporate events to the next level with Mixtroz.  We’ll be explaining how these five factors make it happen:

  • Prevent employees from “checking out” during your events
  • An easy app-based tool that guides your event attendees through the experience you want them to have
  • Automated tracking of event attendee behavior, and…
  • Improvement of new employees’ retention rates
  • And all via a mobile device that employees already own

Create groupings of co-workers for ice breakers with meaning and purpose  

Mixtroz is an event planning platform developed by the entrepreneurial mother-daughter team Ashlee Ammons and Kerry Schrader, that was created specifically for you to increase engagement and collect data in real-time at your employee events.  An engagement software and app, Mixtroz was designed with an intuitive, easy-to-use backend program for you, and a simple event planning app for employees to engage with.  

Mixtroz, with near-effortless ease, allows HR planners to:

  • Provide new employees with a supercharged orientation experience through intelligent employee connections
  • Test comprehension in a fun way
  • Prepare corporate team building activities that are customized around the unique characteristics of the new employees or manager/employee events…
  • …all while allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your employees before, during, and after your event


Provide a simple app for employees to deploy at the start and throughout each event

Hiring millennials by the bucketful? In 2017, 18 to 24-year-olds spent 66 percent of their digital media time using smartphone apps – and this number is climbing rapidly.  Apps are a familiar part of these employees’ everyday life.  Therefore, using an app during their new employee orientation will be familiar, fascinating and fun.

Mixtroz provides a “gamification” experience throughout a large company’s events, giving employees a baseline for the events’ agendas, making strong connections with the automated selection of the perfect mix of their small group, and creating a dramatic increase in their event participation.

Your days of manually tracking new employee orientation or employee team building activities are over

How are you currently measuring the success of your new employee orientation?  What are you able to pass along to senior management about the outcomes of your employee team-building activities?  In other words, are you coming up empty with hardcore metrics to share?  

With Mixtroz, you gain invaluable data on the backend by gathering dashboard data that provides critical insights on your employees. For example, your event data gathered from your employees through the app can provide management teams a unique “peek” into the characteristics of the incoming class of new employees. This allows them to tailor projects and mentors to these new employees throughout that critical first year of employment.

If you use Mixtroz during your company’s next town hall meeting, for example, you could even break down your employees into groupings after the meeting to “test the message” that was conveyed (i.e. “did everyone else hear the CEO say we’re all getting raises?”)  

While using Mixtroz during employee team building activities, you might ask questions about a new initiative that the company just rolled out, get valuable data in real-time about how the initiative is actually going (no peer pressure to be guarded with senior management about in-person comments), and gain feedback on what management can do to improve these initiatives.

This level of data has been almost impossible to collect manually in the past.  With Mixtroz, it’s simple and easy for corporate event planners to design questions to efficiently create curated interactions providing easily visualized data that can be studied and actioned throughout your departments — or even throughout the entire company.     

With Mixtroz, HR is poised to finally quantify the “touchy, feely” activities they design and implement

There’s an old saying that HR teams tend to be the baked potato at a steak dinner.  The note-takers. The coffee-getters. The drink-bringers. The invisible ranks of the company that barely get a seat at the management table. The use of Mixtroz permits you to bring valuable employee data to the rest of the organization that’ll redefine how senior management views you and your team’s efforts. While the sales teams provide dashboards of their financial progress in management meetings, the HR team can provide their own dashboards of metrics that are deeply meaningful and actionable by the rest of the organization.  

“Did you know that close to 40% of  employees that attended last week’s update meeting show interest in the new on the job training program – and 65% of those employees have 6-10 years seniority??”  Mixtroz gives you the ability to gain valuable insights in real-time that are actionable.

Drop some of these metrics at the next manager’s stand-up meeting and see how people regard your HR team after that.

Nail your corporate team building activities and management retreats with the right level of employee “mixing”  

There’s no doubt that large corporate events are a lot of hard work for a lot of different event planners and HR staff.  Imagine being able to free up your team’s time from the time-consuming tasks associated with “mixing up” your corporate event attendees.

If you’re like most companies, you begin many activities and events with a mixer designed to force employees in different departments, locations or titles to co-mingle.  However, many companies literally take their list of attendees and break off mixer groups by numerical, alphabetical or job title order.  After all, it’d be too much work to figure out which employee should be mixed with another employee, right?

With Mixtroz, you are in control of designing a list of questions – in which you control the weighting that can make the people in the group similar, diverse or totally random. Mixtroz can identify disparate groups of people who actually have either really critical or really random things in common.  It’s not uncommon for us to hear stories about the guy in Accounting and the gal in IT bonding over their love of Game of Thrones and their mutual interest in spelunking. Or the two employees who’ve never met realizing that they know several people in common from outside of the company. It’s all up to the questions you choose and how you weigh them. Whether similar or diverse groupings are made, we literally see bonding like this take place at every single Mixtroz event.  

Throw a better management retreat, a cooler employee mixer, and a more exhilarating new employee orientation experience in a near-effortless way

Work your employees into more meaningful “mixing” machines.  Plow into questions and provide more relevant ice-breakers. And permit yourself to revel at the detailed, first-party data that you collected — that, for the first time, you didn’t have to calculate by hand.  

A tool like Mixtroz is the smart way to use technology to increase employee engagement and collect data in real-time, ensuring that your corporate events are a home run!

About Mixtroz

Mixtroz is event planning software that engages and improves events for attendees while collecting data for our event hosts – a 360-degree ROI. Users download the app, complete a virtual name tag and survey customized by the organizer. At a predetermined time, the app simultaneously matches attendees and guides them to an intelligently automated match of people for a curated group connection experience in real time! At the completion of the “mix,” the organizer gains the visualized survey data collected from the interactions which can be used to drive future marketing and programming decisions. Mixtroz can be up and running at your large Enterprise organization in no time at all. So, to get started working less and innovating more, contact us today!