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Bland food. Boring workshops. A lengthy itinerary with little time to chat. Corporate events get a bad rap for being stuffy, monotonous, and outdated. When attendees are busy searching for the exit instead of building new connections, it’s no surprise networking efforts fall flat. 

But corporate events don’t have to be a total bust. Never again watch guests search for the nearest exit or stare down at a plate of untouched appetizers. Mixtroz offers new ways to engage guests so that every event you plan feels like the best corporate event yet. 

Authentic Introductions

Walking into a room full of strangers can rattle even the most confident and outgoing among us. But what if we could cut to the chase and initiate those meaningful conversations from the get-go?

Mixtroz fuels these conversations with icebreakers and follow-up questions, so the connections you make don’t stop at the exit. Invite new attendees to open the platform and enter personal information such as their names, job titles, and backgrounds. Then encourage guests to mix based on their responses. Your attendees will be able to ask better questions based on the basic information they’ve already shared on the platform. 

Team Building

Traditional corporate events don’t always scream high energy. The best corporate events find ways to encourage active participation while keeping the mood light. As an event host, foster a sense of community and break up the day with a few light-hearted team-building activities. 

Divide attendees into teams using the Mixtroz platform. They’ll put their heads together for a competitive Family-Feud-style trivia game even the most reserved guests are sure to get fired up about. With their hands on the buzzer, teams square off against their opponents to be the first to answer industry questions, little-known company factoids, and other related trivia. 

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You can also switch things up by getting physical or unwinding offsite—try hosting a group fitness class or taking a tour of the city. Don’t forget about the importance of putting your attendees at ease. Choose activities that will make all participants confident and comfortable, regardless of physical abilities. 

Small Group Workshops

The best conversations usually take place in groups of five people or fewer. Again, break guests up into small groups so that everyone has a seat at the table. Divide into groups based on departments, job roles, hobbies, or favorite Netflix shows. 

Before you get into the workshop’s nitty-gritty, break the ice using the Mixtroz platform. Whether you’re discussing individual roles, company goals, or industry trends, each guest will have the chance to make their voice heard. Meanwhile, as an event host, you’ll collect  data in real-time about who your guests are and how best to engage them.

Large Group Professional Development

When participants hear the words “professional development,” they tune out. Find new ways to get attendees talking, even in large group settings. 

Mixtroz lets you pose questions to the whole group to get the ball rolling. Maybe your large group event includes industry seminars or company updates. Break up into groups that include a mix of departments and roles. Using the Mixtroz app, the host can prompt groups with pop-quiz-style questions about the industry (e.g., recent trends, news stories, competitors). 

Perhaps you want to know more about employees' current pain points. Allow participants to respond to questions anonymously, then display the results in a graph to get quick and easy company input. You can also set a time limit, have teams work together, or raise the stakes with a bit of healthy competition by assigning point values and prizes. 

Honest Feedback

Hosts often send out surveys days after the big event in hopes they’ll get speedy responses from attendees. But after the event wraps up, the last thing on attendees’ minds is filling out a survey. That’s why Mixtroz has swooped in with a better solution post-event when engagement is low. 

Get real-time survey feedback so you know what’s working and what isn’t before your guests ever walk out the door. This will help you make smart, data-driven decisions moving forward. Guests submit feedback from their phones with a few simple clicks while the event is still in progress. It's quick and easy and gets you all the information you need without pestering guests after the fact. 

Make your next event the best corporate event yet. Mixtroz can take your event to the next level by facilitating natural, engaging, and memorable connections guests will love. Schedule a demo to learn more about how we can help you get started.



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