• You can take your event to the next level by incorporating fun icebreaker activities.
  • Using a platform like Mixtroz, you can collect meaningful data at the same time.
  • Four icebreaker ideas to get you started: maps, scavenger hunt, themed trivia, taboo or Pictionary.

Hosting a networking event that allows for both structure and organic encounters can be a real challenge. You want your guests to feel that the connections they make are genuine, but you also know that without any structure, people tend to gravitate to those they already know. 

With the help of Mixtroz, you can take your event to the next level by incorporating fun icebreaker activities all of your guests are sure to enjoy. Create small group breakout sessions and pass out instructions for each activity using the Mixtroz platform. In doing so, you can collect meaningful data about who your guests are, what brought them to the event, and, as the event progresses, how they perceive their overall experience. 

Icebreaker #1: Maps

Get to know your guests, geographically speaking. The connections we make over shared places and experiences can create deep bonds, even with people we just met. Find out a colleague roots for the same basketball team? Or grew up in the next suburb over? Or spent their summers attending the same summer camp? It’s an instant social connector and catalyst for lively conversation

In this icebreaker activity, guests respond to a prompt by pinning a location on a map (hometowns, favorite city, last vacation, etc.) The map can be a physical map, a map that gets projects on a screen, or even an interactive map. The goal is that after pinning a location, guests will begin to mingle and visit the map to discover new things about other attendees in the room. 

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Participants can ask more engaging questions when they know even just a bit about other guests and where they come from. Because this icebreaker doesn’t require small group formations, it is an excellent opener as attendees first enter the event. They may say things like: “I had no idea so many people from our company were originally from X region of the country.” Or, “Wow, I’ve never met someone else from X outside of X state!”

You also have the option of breaking up guests into smaller groups based on their responses. Traditionally, dividing into groups can be boring, tedious, even awkward for those just joining in. Mixtroz allows event organizers to facilitate dynamic, small group gatherings quickly so you can focus the attention on what’s most important: making connections that matter. 

Icebreaker #2: Scavenger Hunt

What better way to boost the energy at an event than introducing a healthy dose of competition? Get event participants on their toes and conversing about something other than resume highlights with a scavenger hunt!

Divide teams based on department, birth month, hobbies, hometowns, or childhood dream jobs with the help of Mixtroz’s easy-to-use platform. Then, instruct your participants to search for clues based on notifications sent to their phones. Teams will use their problem-solving skills to locate clues, assign roles within the team, and vie for a chance at the grand prize: prize money, gift cards, a paid meal, or even time off.

Icebreaker #3: (Themed) Trivia

Guests can show off their knowledge while learning their teammates’ hidden areas of expertise. Break up participants into teams based on favorite cuisine, favorite candy, sibling order (oldest, middle, youngest), or number of years with the company. Mixtroz makes this easy to do. As an organizer, decide if you’ll create groups based on what people have in common or where they may disagree. In doing so, Mixtroz allows you to group guests together in a way that encourages authentic conversation, every time.

Then, hit the stopwatch as teams compete to answer trivia questions. Perhaps you quiz teams on sports, entertainment, or world geography. Or maybe you mix things up with themes such as True, False, or Bogus (i.e., two truths and one lie) or trivia about your company or coworkers. The winner takes all. 

Icebreaker #4: Taboo or Pictionary

Bring out your guests’ creative sides. Team-based games such as Taboo or Pictionary allow you to learn more about attendees through light-hearted competition. You’ll brush up on your communication skills as you relay clues to your teammates about chosen words through gestures, drawings, or verbal hints. Break into teams based on favorite show or genre on Netflix, favorite ice cream flavor, cups of coffee per day, or even on responses to popular debates: ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’?, the dress, or whether the toilet paper roll goes under or over.

Divide into teams and be the first to guess the correct word or phrase based on provided clues. Predetermine categories or let teams choose from themes such as animals, actions, celebrities, famous landmarks, idioms/expressions, industry terms, job roles, or even Zoom lingo (“You’re on mute,” “Let’s table this,” and so on). Whoever has the most points before the timer sounds wins. 

Whatever fun icebreaker activity you choose for your next gathering, Mixtroz has the tools you need to get started. Facilitate an energizing event that gets everyone moving and mingling, without the dull small talk. 

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